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The Joint Exhibition - “PROFOUND”


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The Joint Exhibition - “PROFOUND”

"PROFOUND" showcases a series of aesthetic colour ink paintings of Cao Na and Cheng Yuyang’s photography about Sichuan’s earthquake in 2008. Chinese photographer, Cheng Yuyang reveals his special feeling towards “Wenchuan” earthquake in 2008 with his photography. The series “Demi-god” was shoot via a view camera in the affected areas 20 day after the earthquake. China has been at the stage of a rapidly economic development for the past 15 years; skyscrapers have replaced lots of ancient buildings. In order to achieve high economic growth, developers demolished ancient architectures, flattened hills and farmlands. As a result, rapid economic development becomes the sign of flourish of the country. On the other hand, Cao Na's colour ink paintings demonstrate traditional women's aesthetic elegancy Chinese ink painting always asks for aesthetic taste, mood, creative concept or humanity, and so on. Those ideas, emotion and meaning are delivered on the paper through the aesthetic sense and the pursuit of self-ego of the artist basically. Cao Na manages to infuse more of her own thinking towards life and human soul into her special ink technique. That is her own unique enchantment in her form, structure, colour and even the style. The exhibition – “PROFOUND” will be held from 13.May to 13.June 2014. We warmly invite you to our opening reception on the 13.May.2014 (Tuesday), 6:00pm to 9:00pm.



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