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Showcase at Off Brussels 2014


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Showcase at Off Brussels 2014

Venue: Booth #18, TOUR & TAXIS Avenue du Port 86C B-1000 Brussels Opening hours: Vernissage: Friday 25 April 2014 (by invitation only) And from Saturday 26 until Monday 28 April 2014 Following the success of the 1st edition of the OFF at « La Bourse » (former Brussels Stock Exchange) and the enthusiasm of visitors at Tour& Taxis in 2013, the OFF stays true to its vocation of leaving room for feelings, perceptions, sensitivity – in other words, to the adventure of art. The OFF wants to develop a synergy between the established and the alternative scene by showing visitors new talents and cutting-edge artworks, both from emerging artists and established ones. We give gallerists national and international visibility to the other key players of the art world (collectors, art consultants, art buyers, curators, critics, artists…) and the general public . The OFF manifests the will to be an alternative fair by exhibiting a less conventional art, a more daring approach. Energy, enthusiasm, creativity, novelty are its peculiarities. For further information, please visit OFF Brussels website:



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