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REMINISCENCE - Solo Exhibition of A. Lorcery


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REMINISCENCE - Solo Exhibition of A. Lorcery

"It is not an image of the outside - the physical appearance that I seek, but an inner representation of the object" - By A. Lorcery a Gallery is proud to present “REMINISCENCE” – Solo Exhibition of French Artist, A. Lorcery. This exhibition will showcase a series of new oil paintings of Lorcery. REMINISCENCE A. Lorcery tried to interpret the meaning of the theme "Reminiscence" - in his paintings, it is the object itself (bamboo, banana leaves, lotus, etc.) that asks to be looked at in a particular way. Because the illusion of perspective is excluded, each drawing reveals an object through its external appearance, its "shell" - but its colours depict its dimensions. Its colours are not an imitation of the object's natural colours; but by themselves create identities, differences, a texture, a material presence; thus the object forms itself and becomes visible. The artist does not seek a photographic representation, but transcribes, using various subjects, with different media on monochrome backgrounds (basso continuo), in multiple interpretations, the infinite variations of immanent light on a subject. By these means, the artist unequivocally give the spectators, sufficient input to form an idea which reveals itself, if not immediately, then in due time. The painting becomes self-representational. Exhibition Period: 22.11 – 8.12.2012 Opening hours of a Gallery Wednesday to Saturday – From 1pm to 6pm For Monday, Tuesday, Sunday and Public Holiday – by appointment Opening reception Date: 22.11.2012 (THURS) ~ 18:00 – 21:00 THE ARTIST WILL BE PRESENT



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