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a gallery is proud to present the joint exhibition of Deng Chengwen (China) and Mitsuru Watanabe (Japan). The behavior of strolling with blinded eyes is absurd… yet this has become a social phenomenon. Deng Chengwen In the world of imagination, everything is accessible and nothing is forbidden. Mitsuru Watanabe Deng depicts the absurd phenomenon of modern people blindfolding each other, following along the majority behaviors. Manipulated by mainstream dogma, they are lost in the illusion created by the reality. They are too willing to forfeit their tradition and roots, just to fit into the “normal society”. He had such a profound experience of the confusion as to doubt himself being a buff of the idea… Watanabe brings his daughter journey through time and space, into the infinite dimension of imagination. He envisions vast imaginary landscapes fenced in by proper nouns of such painters as Rousseau and Delvaux as semi-realistic public spaces. It is a unique place where information of all sorts flows, mingles and transfigures. Michaelangelo’s Pieter, Rousseau’s jungle, Botticelli’s ocean, all comes under his daughter’s realm for exploration and fun, reinventing new but familiar sights. Warmest thanks again for your support at our opening reception of " MIRAGE" on 8.DEC.2010 (wednesday). It was a great success with over 75 guests attending. We hope you all enjoyed the evening with our Artist - Deng Chengwen. We hope to see you at our next opening reception!



Mitsuru Watanabe 渡部満


Oil on Canvas, Painting


Deng Chengwen 鄧稱文




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