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Her Story - International Women’s Day Art Exhibition


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Her Story - International Women’s Day Art Exhibition

Tuesday - Friday 

11:30 pm to 05:00 pm

Celebrate International Women's Day at A Gallery with artworks by Asian female artists in Her Story.

Join us for a journey filled with creativity, empowerment, and inspiration as we honor the talent and resilience of female artists. Explore a diverse collection of artworks that reflect the unique experiences and perspectives of women from around the world. Don't miss this opportunity to support and uplift women in the art community. See you there!

Evangeline Ang is a Singaporean artist creating abstract arts with her fascination for nature, light, colours and textures.

Evelyn Teo, a business woman turned artist who explores the deep immersion for the beauty found in different cultures, architectures and landscapes in her works.

Kacey Ko is an award winning artist from Hong Kong who creates landscapes that are both visually fascinating and deeply meaningful.

Cassandra Lau, another award winning artist from Hong Kong exploring themes of urban living and constrained environments.

Cindy Cal, a Chinese artist based in Beijing, she takes inspiration from observing nature, the movement, colour and beauty of flowers.

Fumiko Toda takes inspiration from her childhood in Japan. Influenced by growing up in the country side then living in big cities in her adulthood.



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