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Golden Rooster, Announces Sunrise


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Golden Rooster, Announces Sunrise

A Gallery is delighted to present a series of ink paintings by Sun Zhenqian – an established Chinese artist. Sun Zhenqian infuses his own style into traditional Chinese aesthetics and techniques, to illustrate his philosophy in life art and culture through depicting familiar domestic and wildlife animals and botanies. Sun’s painting of two roosters “Sentiments of Spring” was selected to appear on China’s postage stamp in the Year of the Rooster in 2005. CCTV Chinese New Year TV show has also invited Sun to demonstrate his painting of the zodiac animal. As the Year of the Rooster is again approaching, Sun has selected the “Golden Rooster, Announces Sunrise” as the theme of this exhibition. The exhibition – “Golden Rooster, Announces Sunrise” will be held from 5th January to 18th January 2017. We warmly invite you to our opening reception on the 5th January 2017 (Thursday), 6:00pm to 9:00pm.



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