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Exposing Narcissus - Solo Exhibition of Proceso Gelladuga II


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Exposing Narcissus - Solo Exhibition of Proceso Gelladuga II

A Gallery is delighted to present a series of paintings by Proceso Gelladuga II- a young and talented Filipino emerging artist in Hong Kong. Proceso Gelladuga II reflects on how technology, the Internet, cloud computing and mobile communication have made connecting and communicating efficient -- literally at the tip of one’s finger. And conversely, how this has put us at even more vulnerable positions – making our bodies and ourselves open to abuse and endless scrutiny. He shares, “social media has made connecting and communicating with each other very easy and fast. Maybe too fast and convenient, to a point that nothing about ourselves can remain unknown. We are almost nude, and left with nothing to hide." Through his works, “Exposing Narcissus” reminds us of our state of vulnerability. Reminding us of how we lose from what we gain. Asking us to look back and examine how much of the circumstances of our lives we leave as traces are actually parts of us we lose. The solo exhibition will be held from 17th to 25th July 2015. We warmly invite you to our opening reception on the 17th July 2015 (Friday), 6:00pm to 9:00pm. The Artist will be present.



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