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Cover Girl by Chuthip Chinchokchai


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Cover Girl by Chuthip Chinchokchai

A Gallery is delighted to present a series of paintings by Chuthip Chinchokchai – a young and talented Thai emerging artist. Women, in the past, participated in virtually every aspect of revolution to combat social and cultural inequalities. This feminist movement has put women forwarded to the new modern image - COVER GIRL. Being a Cover Girl, those ladies should have possessed the attribute of genuine beauty, charming and style. The artist, Chatham Chinchokchai has simply depicted the women faces with light and optimistic colors. His paintings have a large format, using mixed media technique to frame his featured subject with combination of colors, the smooth and prominent uncluttered die-cut method in which the drawing image contrasting with the background, successfully create an emotional atmosphere. Warmest thanks again for your support at our opening reception of "COVER GIRL" on 29.JUNE.2016 (wed). It was a great success with over 40 guests attending. We hope you all enjoyed the evening. Look forward to meeting with you at our next opening reception!



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