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Artists in Wonderland


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Artists in Wonderland

The Post-80s Artists in Their Nostalgic Wonderland Everyone has a place that put up things once dearest to our childhood before, be it a Barbie, a toy sword or a photo. The fond memories attached to these become our sanctuary for whatever bad things happen in life. “Artists in Wonderland” presents you the childhood impression and fantasy of four leading Chinese contemporary artists, Fang Yixiu, Guo Fei, Jiang Chuan and Zheng Suchai. Having witnessed China leaping to its economic superpower, the nostalgia for “good old days”, borne by the noise of industrial machines and the sight of sky-blocking skyscrapers, showcased different themes among the post-80s, a generation who lived among suburb or farm fields through the after-effect of Cultural Revolution and the start of China reform. Their presentations demonstrated entirely different styles, including some 3D graphics stemming from unstructured, traditional paper-cutting technique, drawings that can be “heard” and paintings that contemplate on the technology age and dwell on the childhood handicrafts. Warmest thanks again for your support at our opening reception of "Artists in Wonderland" on 28th October, 2010 (Thursday). It was a great success with over 60 guests attending. We hope you all enjoyed the evening. We hope to see you at our next opening reception!



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